De Re Coquinaria by Apicius

I like to cook, well I mostly love to eat and have other people cook. But when I get down in the kitchen I sometimes channel Julie Child‘s soul food via a ouija board I made out of one of her cookbooks. But if you want to get old school in the kitchen and you need to brush up on your Latin I recommend you look up De Re Coquinaria by Apicius. De Re Coquinaria is thought to be the first cookbook ever written, it is dated somewhere in the first century, A.D.

Since tomatoes are a new world food, ancient Rome did not have tomato sauce and therefore they didn’t have pizza. So what did ancient Roman have for dinner? Well, Apicius list a recipe to serve flamingo.

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Erotica LA 2007

Here are some great video clips from Erotica LA 2007. The first clip tries to find the largest, biggest titties at Erotica LA.

In the following video, porn stars discuss their favorite sexual position. Some of the top favorite positions include every bodies favorite doggy style, the classic missionary, and the spaghetti western inspired reverse cowgirl.

You can also get some sex tips from girls. The tips include being straight forward, don’t be shy, improving your oral skills (I don’t think she meant communications), and having a personality.

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Stop Motion Action

Some of the most creative videos I have seen on YouTube are the stop motion clips. The first clip is of a break dance battle where some of the moves seem right out of The Matrix.

The next video, Tony vs. Paul, has a great fight sequence, stop motion action at it’s best.

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Really Good Bad Impressions

You got to love YouTube. Here I got some great video of people doing their best impressions. Some of the impression are ok while others are great. The best part is how they improvise while they do their impression. The first video is titled Piotr’s Voice Impressions 4. Piotr does a funny Al Pacino and a good Robert De Niro.

Here is a video of some guy doing over 101 impression under 4:30 minutes. He starts off with Christopher Walken and does a whole slew of great TV and cartoon personalities.

If you think 101 impression under five minutes is impressive you haven’t seen anything. Shyaporn does 500 impression in 2 minutes!!!

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Simple Marketting Rules to Making Money

Here are some simple marketing rules that I found on the back of a direct mail marketing company.

A sales pitch must contain one or more of the following key emotions such as fear, greed, guilt, anger, exclusivity, salvation and flattery.

Your copy must contain on of the following 13 power words you, save, money, save, easy, new, guarantee, love, free, discover, results, safety, proven, and health.

Don’t use ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’.

Never try to sell two things at once.

The only purpose of marketing is to make sales!

Supermodel Adriana Lima

Here is an interesting interview with Brazilian fashion model Adriana Lima, and by interesting I mean you can check her out walking the cat walk. She talks about her favorite movies, her background, and how she got into the business.

Yet another video of Adriana on shot for Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Adriana was dubbed ‘The World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin’ by GQ magazine. Here is another special interview with Adriana where she talks about landing her first gig.

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On Thoughts

My favorite section of Forbes magazine is the Thoughts On the Business of Life, the last page, where they post several quotes on given theme. Here are some quotes from a past few issues.

Here are some thoughts on history…

Study men, not historians.
— Harry Truman

History repeats itself. Historians repeat each other.
— Philip Guedalla

Here are some thoughts on stress…

To reduce stress, avoid excitement. Spend more time with your spouse.
— Robert Orben

Every stress leaves an indelible scar, and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little order
— Hans Selye

And since Father’s Day is just around the corner, here are some thoughts on fatherhood.

To a hoarding father succeeds an extravagant son.
— Spanish Proverb

My father was frightened of his father, I was frightened of my father, and I am damned well going to see to it that my children are frightened of me.
— King George V

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