Is YouTube about exhibitionists stripping and teasing? Is YouTube exploiting those that take strip in front of a camera and upload the video to share with friends and total strangers alike? To try to answer these questions and explore them further here are some clips with the original descriptions.

Theres no music cuz its 6:30am and my fam was asleep but I LOOK HOT

Me doing a lil striptease on my bed, to “Stefy – Hey Schoolboy”

me dancin and striping.

i am yawning,having a big orgasm

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Glo Dancing Contest

Serenaballerina has a nice series of video clips on YouTube of a dancing contest which includes everything from pink bikinis to g-strings.

This girls tries to do her best Shakira-like moves but her hips do lie.

The description of the next video says it all, “She’s a teacher but she dances like a hooker.” I don’t know if that if necessarily true, you be the judge of that.

You need to see the phat mama champion that took home the top price.

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About Food and Cuisine

One of the most mentioned perks enjoyed by Google is the free five-star cuisine prepared by top ranked chefs. As part of the Google Talks video series, Google has brought together many chefs and nutritionist.

The first video here is casual interview of Chief Chef Marco Pierre White, author of The Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness and the Making of a Great Chef. In the interview, Marco said that ‘you have to eat your own food.’ He also stated that cooking ‘it’s not just about cooking, it’s about why you cooking it and what you are trying to achieve.’ Another quote worth mentioning is when Marco stated that ‘we are in a world of refinement, not invention.’

Here is a video of Robin Miller, food author, talks about passion about cooking. She says, ‘a lot of nutritionist can’t cook, and a lot of chef don’t know about nutrition.’

Food author Marion Nestle, no relation to the Swiss-based chocolate giant, talks about the politics of food and her latest book What to Eat. She talks about food placement in supermarkets and the rise of obesity in the United States.

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Match Stick Wars

Here is a fantastic soviet era anti-war animation played out by marching matchsticks. It is interesting to note the matchsticks are originally from the same matchbox and share a similar fate in the end. I don’t want to give anything away so check out the video.

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Bill Gates – Blue Screen of Death

You wouldn’t believe it until you see it but some of the funniest clips on YouTube are of Bill Gates. To prove it here are some of my favorite.

See Bill Gates’ fierce response when a CNN anchor tells him that vista ‘seems to mimic OS X.’ Bill lists Vista ‘innovations’ which Apple’s OS X has had for years.

Here is a interview of Bill Gates with Conan O’Brian. Some slide show software that as being demoed stalls to which Conan asks, ‘Who is in charge at Microsoft? ooh…’ Bill didn’t seem to appreciate the humor of the divine comedy of it all.

Here is a great old clip of the history of Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut to restart Windows. The creator says, “I have to share the credit, I might have invented it but Bill made it famous.” Again, Bill’s expression is priceless. I can’t believe he doesn’t get the joke. Bill, you write crappy software!

Here is a classic Windows 98 OS demo which resulted in the notorious Blue Screen of Death.

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World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum takes place annually in Davos, Switzerland and in an upset Denmark took top position in this years Network Readiness Index. The United States dropped to seventh place, having held the top spot last year.

Here is a video of one of the founders of Skype, a Danish serial entrepreneur, at the World Economic Forum. Skype was sold to Ebay for a cool $2.6 billion back in 2005.

The World Economic Forum gathers top technology and business leaders such as Bill Gates. Bill Gates tries to seem visionary stating that if ‘web 3.0’ is the next big buzzword it shows the lack of creativity in technologist. Speaking of lack of creativity, Microsoft has been accused plenty of times as following the teal-light of truly innovative companies. Bill Gates feels that in the next ten years we have room for four more buzzwords.

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How Cocaine is Made

If you are Do It Yourself (DIY) type of guy like myself then you might appreciate this nice how-to guide on how to make cocaine.

Filmed in an undisclosed location from the jungles of Columbia, you will learn how to mix coca leaves with sulphuric acid, gasoline, cement, and other chemicals to make mountains of white crystalline blow. Who would have thought that cocaine has more chemicals than coca.

The laborers mixing and filtering the coca to produce cocaine always talk about it as the product, the merchandise. The guerrilla in Colombia has prohibited the ingestion of cocaine, if you are caught under it’s effects are most likely killed.

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You’re A Monkey!!

And so am I! Here is a great video clip that describes what we are. We are monkeys, of course.

Here is a synopsis of what we truly are…
There monkeys alright, monkeys with high speed digital fiber optic technologies but monkeys never the less.
Monkeys whose brains has evolved to an unimaginable size that it is pretty much impossible for them to be happy.
The monkeys worry about what all the other monkeys think.
The monkeys feel alone, all six billion of them.
These are some messed up monkeys.
The monkeys don’t want to be monkeys, the want to be something else, but they are not.

I think the video is pretty impressive for a monkey. I wonder what creationist monkeys think.

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