Girls Dancing

Ever visited the land of a thousand smiles, Thailand? Ever wonder why the call it that? Well, just check out these hot Thai girls dancing to some indistinguishable noise that somewhat resembles music. I didn’t much care for the music the video is interesting to say the least. The production is totally lame, but this is YouTube after all where everybody can be a director and get their fifteen pixels of fame.

If you like what you see, check out the YouTube profile of eason97. He has several other videos of cute and just barely legal Thai girls dancing on a black background to bad club beats.

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Laughing Out Loud, Seriously

Have you ever wonder if babies laugh at you or with you? I wonder what is sooo funny about playing pickaboo. Here is a video of a baby just cracking up! This baby has the laugh of an old man, it is funny as hell.

The following video of a show at a ‘Comedy Barn.’ Yes, it is a southern thing. Watch the guy in yellow sitting in the middle. At minute 1:30 into the video the comedy farm handler breaks down laughing because of the peculiar laugh by one of the participants. You have to hear it to believe it. Hilarious.

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Mirage Jet Fighter

Here some great footage of some French made Mirage jet fighters. These planes, like the French made Concorde are supersonic, which means they fly well beyond the speed of sound. I definitely feel like I want to get away on one of those, I would make it to Cancun in no time!

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Pole Dancing As An Olympic Sport

I seriously think that pole dancing should be an Olympic sport. If you think about it strippers are like Olympian athletes. Similarly how I subscribe to Playboy for the articles, I go to strip joints to see the athletic ability of topless chicks. Just check out the grace, agility, and pose of this stripper.

If that is not art, I don’t know what is!

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Bush Bloopers

No matter if you are Republican, Democrat, or an Independent, you have to admit that President Bush is one funny son of a former president. Here is a short video of President Bush being as smart as a bush.

Slate maintains The Complete Bushisms on their website, which is updated as often as President Bush speaks. You might not know this, but this is part of President Bush’s shock and awe campaign intended to confuse the enemy. Here are some recent Bushisms…

“This business about graceful exit just simply has no realism to it at all.”—responding to speculation that American forces could be called back from Iraq, Amman, Jordan, Nov. 30, 2006

“One has a stronger hand when there’s more people playing your same cards.”—Washington, D.C., Oct. 11, 2006

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Mia Rose

If you are like me, you are sooo over Lonelygirl15. I have moved on to Mia Rose. Mia is a singer and she has recently been hitting up YouTube with videos of her doing covers and signing her own original songs. She is a brit but since American Idol didn’t find any talent in Seattle, I think they should fly here out here. Here is Mia singing Heaven…

She camera work is a little shaky at times and often out of focus. When she talks to the camera you can tell she unscripted. Here is Mia singing Break Away…

If you want to see more of her then check out here to her YouTube profile.

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The Return of the Taliban

The San Francisco Chronicle published a great article of the Afghan mujahideen fighting US forces in Afghanistan on the Sunday edition of the paper. Here are a couple quotes from the article…

“There are five young men ready to enlist for every fighter killed by coalition forces, and this is something you can’t buy with money.” Enlistees also get paid approximately $140 per month by the Taliban, compared to $100 paid by the Afghan National Army.

Here is how the Afghan mujahideen feel about their fellow Arab jihadist…

Hamid said the Afghans and the Arabs have a common enemy, but don’t necessarily like each other. He described the Arabs as firebrand Islamists who don’t obey orders and are obsessed with martyrdom

Here is how thy see the movements of the coalition forces…

“The American troops move slowly, they carry pounds of body armor and equipment,” Hamid said. “You can’t win if you can’t move on these mountains.”

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North Korea’s 007

Precious tower show river monster. That is the secret code phrase of North Korea’s 007 special agent. It seems that a short satire of North Korea is a big hit online in China. I didn’t think it was all that funny, reminded me of some bad SNL skit, but I guess it must be an inside joke. This is the first of eight parts. See the rest here.

According to BoingBoing this video has been seen nearly two millions times and received nearly two thousand comments on one Chinese site alone.

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Triumph at American Idol

This week American Idol will be show their Memphis and NY auditions. Fox usually showcases the worst of the worst during their audition shows. Just to get a different perspective of the American Idol auditions here is video of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Hawaiian American Idol auditions from a season or two ago. This is hilarious.

Fox, American Idol, and/or stadium security actually escort Triumph out of Aloha stadium. Triumph then takes his cause to the local NBC affiliate, KHNL, in Honolulu. It just gets bad from there on for the local newsman in particular and Hawaii in general!

Triumph is one bad puppy! Here is another video of Triumph at the opening Star Wars I: Attack of the Clones.

Triumph finds a guy waiting in line and says, “Look at this one. OMG. You look like some kind of super nerd. Looks like you where built in the laboratory out of parts of lesser nerds. … Bionic nerd if you will. Jedi Obi Wanna WackOff Right Now.”

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Chinese Soldiers Shooting Tibetan Pilgrims

This is eye-opening video of Chinese frontier soldiers indiscriminately shooting and killing Tibetan pilgrims making their way across the Himalayas to reach the Dali Lama in India. If their long journey through a tough mountain pass and the harsh environment was not enough, these pilgrims have to deal with the inhumanity of the Chinese communist state.

An example of this type of mindless percussion by a state against pious pilgrims is when the Roman’s would kill and torture Christians for amusement in the Coliseum.

Since we are talking about China, lets go back to recent history, to 1989. In 1989 “about 100,000 students and workers were protesting for the freedom and democracy at the Beijing Tienanmen Square. 2500 people died according to the Chinese red cross, and 7,000-10,000 people injured. After that, the US and EU announced for arms embargo on China. To today, searching information about this incident is restricted in China.”

These are the acts of the communist Chinese government, a World Trade Organization partner, and the US largest trade partner. Roughly about 20% of the world’s population lives under this restrictive regime.

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