Don’t Clog The Lavatory

A story picked up by Slashdot mentions that a kid dropped his iPod in the down the toilet in the plane’s lavatory. The kid informs the flight crew of his loss and thereafter the plane is diverted to Ottawa where a bomb squad investigates the incident and the kid is interrogated. In typical Slashdot wisdom, LiquidCoooled remarked:

[I]f it had exploded the shit would have hit the fan.

So it seems that if you clog a plane’s lavatory you are a terrorist suspect and subject of an interrogation.

Another fine rule to follow when flying is don’t talk to other fellow passengers, don’t hand them your cell phone, don’t even show your cell phone, and definitely don’t even think of having Paris Hilton’s single as your ring tone. On Wednesday, August 25 twelve Indian nationals where detained by Dutch authorities for suspicious behavior on Flight NW 0042 soon after takeoff. A brother of one of the detainee is reported to make the following racist stereotype:

Indians talk more loudly than westerners. So if you are happy, excited and Muslim, and don’t converse in English, you are a terrorist?

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