Massacre At Qana Part Deux

In April 1996, the Israeli military shelled a UN secured compound killing 106 civilians and 4 UN soldiers in Qana, a city in southern Lebenon. Fast foward 10 years later to July 2006, this time an Israeli airstrike killed 60 civilians (37 of which where children). It is blatantly clear that these people (choose who ‘these people’ are: the UN, the US, Israel, Hezbollah, civilians, the French) don’t learn from their history. I mean in one form or another the Land of Canaan has always been ‘bombed’ since biblical times by their neighbors to the south in the Land of David. If I was the mayor of Qana I would change the name of the city and maybe invest in some white flags so the city won’t be bombed again in 10 years from now.

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Lip Sync Superstars

I really don’t get those videos on Google Video or YouTube of teenage girls lip syncing. Yeah sometimes they are hot but not at all entertaining since most of them just lip sync and dance around in their rooms… Today via Gidol I found prehaps the best executed lip sync video of the And I Love You by some monsters that love sushi. Some of the these videos are even use hilarious and make good use of blue screens. I particularly liked the rendition of a Italian ballad and a Elvis inpersonator. Watching these videos is a good way to kill time at the office.

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Peace In the Middle East, Not

I am starting to doubt that there will ever be peace in the Middle East. A thousand years ago great battles took place in the holy land and a thousand years from now people will be fighting for that strip of desert. Today, Israel continued with air strikes against targets in southern Lebenon. If Isreal escalates those attacks and declares war against Lebenon, Hezbollah, or whichever entity there Israel would at the same time be declaring war against every driver and commuter in the form of gas price hikes. Of course Israel has the right to defend itself from agression as does Lebenon or any soverign nation state. Israel and its neighbors are stuck in a cycle of violence going back and forth with with missles. Israel military is far superior than that of the militias it is fighting and so it should show restraint, in the words of Jesus Christ ‘turn the other cheek.’ Maybe that is the problem there, the people in the Middle East have not accepted our lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior… Ok seriously, John Lennon asked if we can give peace a chance. I want to know if there will ever be a chance for peace.

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The European Cup

It seems as if the World Cup transformed itself into the European Cup as the final four teams included Germany, Italy, Portugal, and France. Italy marched over Germany in its 2-0 victory against the home team. It is interesting to note that the three remaining countries are Latin nations.

I been following the Italian squad for some time now I really hope that win it. They have really looked strong on their victories over Ukraine and Germany. I really think Italia could win. Bona fortuna Italia!!

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