Osama Been Laid

While the U.S. government still has no word on Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts GQ has located one of his top lieutenants. Oh wait, I was reading two websites at the same time and got the info all mixed up… It seems that GQ didn’t find any of Osama’s lieutenants but got Osama’s niece Wafah DuFour to shed the burqa for a nice pictorial spread. It seems that Wafah posed for those pictures to gain American acceptance and to lose the association with her infamous uncle. Well I would accept her just a little more if we get to seem some more. Wafa is quoted as saying:

Come on, where’s the American spirit? Accept me. I want to be embraced…

I would embrace you Wafah, in fact my pet name for you would be waffles. Ummm waffles. Wait a minute, something seems wrong here. Does anybody think it wrong that she is banking on the notoriety of her uncle? She wants to launch a career in music and milk her fifteen minutes of fame by coming out as Osama Bin Laden niece. There are laws in these United States that prohibit criminals from profiteering from crimes. Although she is innocent until proven guilty (although in those pictures she don’t look sooo innocent) and doubt she had anything to do with the tragic event that occurred on that September morning I still think she shouldn’t cash in on it or her uncle’s notoriety.